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The following section should answer most of your questions regarding the payday loan process and what you can expect when you apply for a payday loan.

What exactly is a payday advance loan?

A payday advance loan is one type of short-term loan which is available to consumers who need fast access to cash funds. Due to the very short repayment times associated with these loans, they should only be used for true emergency financial situations. Payday loans usually range in amounts from $100 to $1000. When you apply for a loan, there is no guarantee of how much cash you will be approved for.

In simple terms, you are writing a check to your lender for the total cash amount which you borrow, plus interest and fees. You authorize the lender to cash your cash at your next payday (normally two weeks) to fully repay the loan.

Please be certain that you can repay your loan according to the terms of your loan contract. If you do not fully repay the loan within the specified amount of time, your lender may start collection proceedings against you to recover the money you owe. Once this process starts, you may be forced to pay even more fees, penalties, and collection costs.

How does the payday advance process work?

You may choose to either pay the lender directly or the lender may cash your post-dated check at the time the loan is due to be repaid. Payday advance lenders do not require any form of collateral, such as a house deed or car title. Depending on which state you live in, some lenders can offer loan renewals (extensions) but this will cost you additional service fees and interest charges.

Your original loan document will state the specific terms and conditions of your loan. Lenders are required by law to inform you of all terms, in writing, before asking you to sign a loan agreement. It is your responsibility as an informed consumer to review and understand these terms. If you have any questions or concerns, you should contact your lender directly.

Every lender sets their own terms and conditions, including fees, repayment terms, renewal policies and APRs. Payday advance loans are designed with very short repayment times so it is very important that you are able to fully repay your loan within the two week period. Since these loans require no collateral and the funds are quickly available, higher interest rates are normally associated with these types of loans. is not a lender. This website does not play any role in the loan approval process. Every lender sets their own terms and conditions for loans and each lender makes the approval decision independently.

What hours is your referral service available? accepts applications 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Lenders generally review applications and make loan decisions during normal banking hours. Approval times can be slower at night and during the weekend. The opportune time to submit an application is during regular banking hours on a weekday.

Federally mandated bank holidays can also affect the timing of cash loan transfers. Generally, any day that your banking institution is closed will add at least one day to the transfer time.

How much money can I receive with a payday advance loan?

A typical payday loan ranges from $100 to $1000. Not all lenders are able to provide the maximum amount of cash funds and there is no guarantee when you submit an application of how much you will be approved for.

Every lender has their own requirements for applicants but the amount of loan you are approved for generally depends on your income and your current financial situation.

How quickly can I receive my money?

As a rule, your funds will be transferred to your bank account within one business day from the time you are approved. Again, transfer times also depend on the time of day you are approved, if it is a weekend, and also the rules of your banking institution. Bank holidays can delay cash transfers, also.

What if my application is not matched with a lender?

This website is not a lender and does not extend credit of any type. Our referral service is free of charge for consumers who are in the market for online payday loans. makes every effort to match all applicants with an appropriate lender but we cannot guarantee that you will be matched successfully.

Here are a few things to try to better improve your chances:

Do payday loan lenders perform credit checks?

Most lenders do perform routine credit checks and also verify the information which you give on your application. However, having a poor credit history, a low credit score, or even a bankruptcy on your credit report does not necessarily disqualify an applicant from being approved.

How often can I get a payday loan?

Payday loans are considered short-term loans. This means they have very short repayment times (generally two weeks) and usually come with higher fees and interest than conventional loans. For this reason, strongly urges consumers to consider carefully before committing to a payday loan. These loans are meant to be used in financial emergencies only, such as an unexpected car repair or unplanned medical expense. They are not a solution to long-term debt problems and should not be used as such.

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