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Getting Help with Debt

Are you taking on new debt to help pay off old debt? Are you always late making your monthly payments? Are you using credit cards for everyday living expenses, such as groceries and gas? Are bill collectors constantly calling you, demanding payment?

There are steps you can take immediately to try and improve your financial situation:


When to Consider Bankruptcy

Over the past five years, millions of Americans have made the decision to file for bankruptcy. Much of this is due to the harsh economic conditions that have been in place since the financial meltd... More »

Understanding Subprime Lending

One of the keys to long-term financial security is being knowledgeable about the credit and lending market. Having a strong grip on your personal finances includes understanding the different types... More »

Beware of costly debt traps

Borrowing almost always carries a certain risk. But it's important to understand that not all debt is created equal. Any time you make a credit decision you should give it thoug... More »

Car Title Loans with Bad Credit

Car title loans have some features in common with other types of payday advance loans. Here are a few of the similarities: Offer quick access to cash funds. More »

Improve Your Credit by Using Payday Advance Loans

Payday advance loans are short-term loans which allow customers to have quick access to cash funds in times of a financial emergency. While most experts agree that these types of loans are risky and e... More »

Common Warning Signs of Impending Financial Disaster

Overwhelming debt doesn't happen overnight. Usually it's a gradual process caused by constant overspending and poor money management skills. If you are living from paycheck to paycheck, only p... More »

How to Get Out of Debt

America is still recovering from the recession which began nearly six years ago. It has been a long and slow process and millions of people continue to suffer from the aftermath of this economic crisi... More »

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